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ben francia | by Ben Francia |Last Updated: December 7, 2013

memesWho doesn’t find memes entertaining? Hate them or love them? Let’s just agree to disagree then. But no matter how you feel about them, let’s admit that it makes you feel something; it ignites a reaction from you. This means, it can help you engage with your followers.

It sure is another creative way to get attention on the web. But of course, you don’t want to just share one, you may want to create one on your own. Here are 4 meme generators you can use.

Imgur – When it comes to creating memes for Redditors, Imgur has an in-house tool called memegen. You can choose from a selection of popular memes or create an entirely new one. Once done, the image you created will be directly uploaded to Imgur and you can automatically share and embed it.

Meme Dad – The best thing about this meme generator is it’s watermark and ad-free. It has a menu of the Internet’s most popular recurring viral characters you can choose from. When you have selected the image, all you need to do is add captions.

Livememe – This meme creator functions almost the same as Meme Dad. You need to select an image from the collection of the Internet’s most popular recurring viral characters. Then, you just add the captions. Once you do this you can easily share it online.

Photoshop – One of the reliable tools out there when it comes to creating memes is still Photoshop. All you need to do is open an image file and add a text layer to the top and bottom of the photo. Make sure you turned on the caps lock and select the font, Impact.

Once you’re good with the text, open the layer tab and select Outer Glow on the Layer Styles. When a popup screen appears, change the effect’s color to black. Change the Blend Mode to Hard Light. Then, simply edit the thickness of the outline however you want it to appear.

There you have it, the tools you can use to generate memes. It’s always a fun way to express a point. Who knows, it can even go viral. Try it!


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