Marketing Insight Wednesdays: Good is the Enemy of Great

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: July 25, 2012

Companies give it their best shot when it comes to customers.

And what company wouldn’t? After all, it is the customers that keeps these same companies alive. They’re also mostly pretty good with it.

Good but not exactly Great.

It takes a particular amount of effort and time to be great. Especially when you’re running an Internet business that literally thrives on your customer’s wants and needs.

So how exactly do you be great?

You go the extra mile and give whatever it is your customers should be paying for for FREE. That’s right, folks. That’s what greatness in the Internet business arena entails. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just give your audience the answer that they need – you need to give it to them without cost. Solve their problems from the get-go and make them feel special. That’s what greatness means and I don’t think it’ll change for the next few decades.

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