[VIDEO] The TRUTH About How To Get Customers Online

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: August 2, 2012

Getting Customers and Client’s online involves a change of mindset. While it is true that what turns a prospect or website visitor in to a Customer is the Sale, it doesn’t mean that we need to sell to every visitor who goes to our website. This is where most online businesses fail. Because the minute a visitor lands to their homepage, they SELL to these people outright.

The FACT is: People don’t wan’t to be sold to!

For some reason, a high spike of emotion is stirred inside each person whenever we are being sold to because of the “money” involved. Money does create a lot of high emotion in a lot of people. And this is probably because of the of the Abundance and or Scarcity of it, and the amount of energy spent it’s pursuit, dictates the quality of living of most people in this materialistic world. This is why most people will shy away whenever they see a dollar sign, the word “PRICE”, or a “Buy Now” button.

So how the heck can we get customers online if this is the case?

Never worry! In this video, I will show you how handle this challenge, and turn strangers to friends, then friends in to customers.

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