45 Words to Make Your Blog Headlines Exciting

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: April 10, 2013

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When it comes to blogging, valuable content is always the best way to go. This helps your readers and followers from coming back to your website and improve traffic. But the valuable content can’t catch the eye of your readers, that’s the work of the headline.

The more exciting the headline, the more chances you would read on. Who would pass a headline like, “10 foolproof ways to a successful business.” Chances are, you’d be intrigued about the content and read it.

We have to face the truth that it’s a bit challenging to excite our audience especially using written words compared to spoken words. Why? Well, simply because you can’t hear the tone of the speaker; so you would have to rely on how the readers would read the content. This is why your content must have a clear message too.

How can you create excitement through your headlines? One way is by incorporating words that exude excitement and intrigued. These words often describe the content too. It will help set the mood of the rest of the content as well. The way you write and the way you represent the facts. Will it be formal and scholarly? Or will it be casual and still factual?

The words you use in the headlines will also determine the information you want to share; how it will impact the readers and how much they will benefit from it.

It’s not tricking your audience into reading your content; it is a form of presentation. Presentation matters even in written words for it ties it all up. It helps summarize and set the readers’ expectations of the content.

Recently, I stumbled on blogussion.com and the “45 Exciting Words to Spice up Your Blog Headlines.” Here’s a list of those words.

  1. Killer
  2. Serious
  3. Stellar
  4. Tremendous
  5. Rockstar
  6. Capture
  7. Amazing
  8. Unreal
  9. Easier
  10. Ultimate
  11. Perfection
  12. Major
  13. Striking
  14. Secrets
  15. High-qualiy
  16. Quick
  17. Powerful
  18. Dangerous
  19. Clever
  20. Exciting
  21. Stunning
  22. Phenomenal
  23. Significant
  24. Next-level
  25. Immense
  26. Guarantee
  27. Incredible
  28. Conquer
  29. Perfect
  30. Boost
  31. Free
  32. Fresh
  33. Strange
  34. Fantastic
  35. Brilliant
  36. Best
  37. Latest
  38. Mind-blowing
  39. Creative
  40. Mega
  41. Excellent
  42. Ridiculous
  43. Exceptional
  44. Intelligent
  45. Absolutely

Do you think these words can really help you make your headlines stand out? Can you integrate them to your headlines? Which ones would you use most?

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