6 Pinterest Tips To Help Boost Website Traffic

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: May 22, 2014

Social media marketing is one of the fastest ways to gain more website traffic. Spreading your content through various platforms helps reach more people in the different mediums they prefer. One of these social media sites is Pinterest.

Before you even gain website traffic, you need to have followers on Pinterest. Babble.com has compiled several tips from bloggers on how they gain more Pinterest followers. Here are some of the top six tips.

  1. Publicize Your Pinterest Profile – How can you expect them to visit your Pinterest page if it is not viewable? So include links of your Pinterest profile on your website, email signature, or even when you close a blog post. This can help get a better chance for repins and add traffic from Pinterest.
  2. Schedule Pins – This can help increase following. Also, your followers would see regular pins throughout the day. You can do this manually or use a tool for pin scheduling like Ahalogy.
  3. Use A Descriptive File Name – The descriptive name will automatically be the name the pin will be given. So make sure you think this through. A descriptive name can make your follower repin your images and even visit your website.
  4. Check Links – This is very important because you don’t want to be known as a spammer. Make sure the repin links go to the right source. Check your sources and as much as possible, pin from the original blog.
  5. Have “Pinnable” Images – This means your images or graphics must be visually appealing and must be clickable. Having a clickable image means it has information that would make a user want to click on it. In turn, this will help drive more traffic to your site.
  6. Join Collaborative Boards – Collaborating is always a great way to get more exposure. You can find a group of bloggers and work with them to make a board successful. If you see a collaborative board you are interested in joining, contact the owner of the board and find out how your can join.


Got more Pinterest tips you want to share? Let me know at the comments section below.

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