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ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: September 25, 2012

WordPress has plugins that allows its users to do virtually anything you want your WordPress blog or site to do. Think of a plugin as some sort of device or extension in a browser that works as soon as you get it installed and activated; the same can be said for a WordPress plugin. The best thing about it is that there’s literally a community out there who conceptualize, create and manage plugins that have different features – that said, you don’t run out of any plugin that you might need.

But with all the available plugins out there, how can we make sense out of the noise and get the ones we really need for our online business? Do we get them all? Don’t fret, folks, I’m here to help. No, you don’t need them all and in this article, I’ll talk about the plugins you’ll need to get your Internet business up and rolling in no time. Check it out:


This plugin is used by millions all over the World Wide Web to block spam and pingback comments to your blog. These days, even comments can infect your reputation (negative seo) which is why you want this baby plugged in and keeping your site safe.

All-in-one SEO

This is perhaps one of the most popular plugins in the world – firstly, it’s pretty simple to use and more importantly, it’s for free. It allows you to modify each of your page’s h1 tags and other on page seo components in such a way that the search engines will appreciate.

Google Analytics

If you’ve got a Google account and a WordPress blog, this plugin allows you to monitor the latter’s every page and content – from hits to bounce rate – with only an ID from the former. It’s pretty simple once you get it installed.

Google XML sitemaps

Speaking of SEO, sitemaps make your blogs a heckuva lot more readable for web spiders. It also helps people understand your site better. The Google XML sitemaps plugin literally generates a sitemap for you in as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Category Pagination fix

404’s are no good for search engines, they may even piss your first time visitors off. So how do you get rid of them? Well, WordPress sort of had an issue with that regarding permalink structures with categories and pages. So to fix that, this little plugin was created.

Better WP Security

Keep your site safe from hackers and your evil twin siblings by installing this little behemoth of a plugin. What it does? It literally allows you to customize every aspect of security you have on your site to strengthen it.

Disqus comment system

The World Wide Web’s gone social and so did business marketing. That’s why you need this specific plugin. SO you can literally make replies and comments easier to manage AND you can engage better.


This little plugin optimizes your images’ sizes for each of your blog posts. Wouldn’t want to make your blog posts and images look like something created a a 4 year old, now would you?

W3 Total Cache

You want your site to run a little faster? Get this plugin and experience zero-lag time in the loading of your pages. This can also help your SEO and user experience a bit. People and search engines hate slow websites.


Speaking of the Web going social, it’s not all about engagement – it’s also about sharing and giving (and Liking, and Tweeting, etc). Shareaholic allows you to put social buttons on each of your posts so they can be shared whenever people find it awesome – which I’m sure it always is.

SEO Friendly Images

This plugin automatically adds keyword tags and title attributes to your images, thereby making them search engine friendly. Yeap, Google loves search engine friendly stuff.

Robots meta

This plugin makes your WordPress site available to Google, Bing and Yahoo for crawling and indexing. It also allows you to tell them spiders what to crawl and what not to. Pretty cool, huh?


This plugin allows you to manage all your 301 and 404 errors in one-fell swoop, erm, at least under one hood. It’s an awesome plugin if you’re really into organizing and managing such links.

That’s about it, folks. Let me know what you think in the comment sectionb below.

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