Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages: The Difference

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: August 21, 2011

Facebook pages serve as marketing mediums for online entrepreneurs. They’re not just portals of would-be traffic , they’re also places where relationships are born and nourished with trust and integrity.

This is why it’s important to keep your Facebook page’s wall up-to-date with industry-relate content and valuable nice-to-knows. Besides posting on behalf of your blog and website, content that gives value to your prospects would really help a lot. It doesn’t have to be for your business only.

A lot of marketers have been preaching about how Facebook pages are for business and shouldn’t be used to for personal purposes. I get that – we shouldn’t be posting pictures of our kids, pets and drunken Christmas parties. It’s basically to present ourselves to our prospects in the best way possible.

That’s a given. I’ve nothing against that.

The Dilemma

The question is: Should we do the same to our personal Facebook profile?

For people who market themselves using their own name, it’s going to be a choice they have to make. It’s sort of logical to take out all the quirky photos and annoying photos of products “pretend-Internet marketers” tag you with. To preserve a perfectly professional picture of you, you need to get rid of what you think is fun.

Prospects would naturally be looking for people they can trust out of authority and knowledge. Depending on the industry, particularly for someone who markets himself as a Philippine Outsource expert like me, businesses would look for people who they can trust, are knowledgeable and confident in their ability – and that all starts from a simple picture.

Think about it: It’s not like any business would outsource to anyone who has a picture of himself drunk and wasted after a Saturday night out with friends.

But, as marketers, we’d want to be authentic and be as real as possible too, right? How could a user trust someone whose life is seemingly perfect in pictures?

The Answer

The answer is simple: Balance and purpose.

In essence, prospects would go to your Facebook page to keep themselves updated with the content that you provide. It’s going to be their choice if they still want to be your Facebook friend and check you out for real.

Consider it this way, your Facebook profile is pretty much also your Facebook page. Only, it’s slightly altered so you can tell the world that behind the elite depiction of an excellence-driven corporate individual.

In any case, it all boils down to your choice as to whether you want people to look at you solely as a professional or as a person who knows how to have fun and goes out every Friday night to have a drink or two… or three… or four.


What’s your say in this?

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