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ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: March 14, 2014

rp_Instagram_Pinterest.jpgWhen you think about the social media site, Instagram, some of the words that may come to your mind are selfie, food photos, and photo filters. Well, guess what? Instagram can also be used for business, specifically marketing.

A recent article from Entrepreneur talked about the top tips on how businesses can use the photos in their Instagram accounts to engage with their customers and market their services and products.

  1. Be true and honest. – “For instance, eyeglass retailer Warby Parker’s images ‘never feel overly staged or serious,’ Instagram said, but aptly express the brand’s quirky voice.”
  2. Experience matters – Don’t just go with product shots, offer a glimpse on the experiences you can provide as a brand. One example is the consumer-shot images and videos on GoPro’s account and how the company shows its true essence.
  3. Value proposition – This is best done by General Electric as it showcases “its technology is meaningful to people.” According to Instagram, “transporting shots of giant jet engine factories and remote wind farms illuminate the company’s myriad “’man-made wonders.’”
  4. Inspire – Some of the brands that have successfully done this are Nike and Chobani. They encouraged interactions and building communities through their hashtagged campaigns like, #runfree and #creationaday.
  5. Be aware – According to Instagram, “Mission Bicycle captures the imagination of new customers.” The brand focuses on its beautifully simple bikes because it knows and understands that’s exactly why people love the brand.

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