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ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: April 6, 2013


Have you seen software reviews in YouTube where they actually walk you through the process, so you can easily understand them? I learn and understand better with those video blogs. I think they are more helpful rather than going through manuals. With videos that show How To’s and walkthroughs, capturing a step-by-step video is always better.

My personal choice when it comes to the software that will help me is Screenflow. It is a video capture software or screencasts. Screencasts are capturing videos of your desktop to illustrate a point or program. Screenflow records everything, from your iSight camera to microphone audio or speaker audio, and even the movement of the mouse on your screen. This software is exclusively for Mac operating systems. Let me share with you some of its features:

Records everything – When recording your screencast, you want your audience to see what you see and hear your instructions well. Screenflow is capable of that and even monitors mouse movements. This makes it very easy for your audience to see exactly what you are doing. Also, the software has a zoom function.

Excellent recording quality – It has a great compression system, allowing you to capture your entire screen with just a low file size. It’s great for capturing DVD video and audio, as well as Keynote presentations. I usually pair Keynote and Screenflow for my video blogs to discuss certain topics. It lets me record my presentations and share it to everyone.

Edit easily – Whatever you record, you can all just edit later on and quickly too. You can easily edit transitions of your video and even remove background noise. You can also zoom in where your mouse pointer is to really emphasize on the workflow. Another great editing tool is you can highlight certain images or texts by drawing circles, lines, and arrows. Its editing component is powerful but very easy to use.

Screenflow is a helpful and useful tool for my business. They are great for producing valuable video blogs. I also find it useful whenever I need to provide detailed instructions for a particular task to Virtual Assistant. I can combine my instructions and walkthroughs using just this software.

There is a trial version of Screenflow. Check it out and see how you can use this to your business.


i am a big fan of screenflow. such a wonderful screen recorder app with powerful tools. you are correct. it is an affordable software for mac with all the essentials one need to record and edit the video. Definitely best for educators who want to create stunning video tutorials.Thanks for the write up.Robin.

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