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ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: March 11, 2010

Gone are the days when internet geeks would create web pages using the humble notepad (or VI for *nix users). Here are some of the most popular if not essential tools that each professional web developer should have:

  1. Adobe Photoshop – Used by web designers to design and layout page comps to be used in websites.
  2. Dreamweaver – Every web designer’s favorite WYSIWYG HTML Editor. Popular for its usability and powerful features and functionality.
  3. Web Server – Since my preferred web scripting language is PHP, I normally use Apache as my preferred Web Server for web projects that I develop.
  4. Database – Some websites are dynamic and would require interaction and interface with a database system. My personal preference is MySQL since it works well with PHP

Photoshop and Dreamweaver I would say are common denominator for Web Designers. But Web Servers and Databases would differ depending on the technology or web scripting used.

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