True Nobility: Be Better Than Who You Were Yesterday

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: April 17, 2013

Why is he earning more than me? Why is he more successful than I am? What am I doing wrong? – You may have asked yourself these questions before or you’re asking them now as you aspire to succeed. But you shouldn’t.

You shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone. Instead, focus getting better at what you do. Like the quote said, “The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.” If you do this, you become better every day.

Imagine if you outdo yourself every day, wouldn’t that also make you better at what you do every day? And isn’t that a better use of your time? Pretty soon, you would become the best.

Successful entrepreneurs practice this. How do you think they became successful? They sure didn’t do it by slacking off and waiting for their luck. They worked hard and persevered each day. They also didn’t let challenges stop them from reaching their goals. They used these challenges to make them stronger by learning from them. They also honed their skills and talent to outdo themselves. They didn’t stop to compare themselves with others, because that would take time away from working on their own projects.

Strive to become better for yourself, not to be compared with others. Be the inspiration rather than sour grape over what you don’t have yet. Appreciate the things that you have now and focus on how you can improve them.

Don’t mind if you’re in the top ten successful people yet, because it won’t be long when you’ll be the inspiration for others to work harder. Go ahead and challenge yourself and practice being the best and success will follow.

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