How to Be Passionate and Excellent: Be Remarkable!

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: January 21, 2014


Do you ever wake up one morning and think about what you can do that day? For days like those, the only answer is, “Be Remarkable!”

When we start our day with good intention, it just naturally follows through. Of course our intention needs to be backed by our actions. Being remarkable means doing your work passionately and excellently. When you do this, you are rewarded by great output. Who doesn’t want to experience doing something great at the end of the day?

Imagine if you decide to be remarkable each day of the week? Surely, you will have the best week of your life! Why limit it to a week? Why not make it your mantra? The moment we intend to make every single work or job truly remarkable then we are already halfway there.

To be remarkable can be just giving all you got into it, including your passion and the aim for excellence. A single remarkable thing can utterly change your life. So don’t do something that only rates second best. Do something remarkable and be remarkable!

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