How Successful People Work: Do Small Things in a Great Way

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: April 15, 2013
Image from Blindfold

Image from Blindfold

Big or small accomplishments, it’s all about how much work we put into them and how excellent we do them.

The best way to make a difference is by pursuing excellence no matter how big or small our tasks may be. It’s just like doing things right the first try. Never settle for mediocrity, choose only excellence. That is when we will really make a big difference.

Entrepreneurs know what they want when it comes to results. They want the best and they want things done excellently.

Settling for second-best should never be an option. We must drive ourselves to pursue excellence in all aspects of our businesses. Napoleon Hill got it right. For him, it is not about great things, but doing small things in great ways. And I couldn’t agree more.

No matter how big or small a task, there’s really no reason not do our best. Why should we slack off when doing small things? We should have consistency in all our works; meaning, if you’re doing big things excellently, do small acts excellently as well.

Entrepreneurs are not just businessmen; we are also innovators because we choose to rise above each challenge by coming up with the best-possible solution. We create changes and inspire creativity among others. And the only way to do those is by being the best. We must never settle, sure we can appreciate fine works and our efforts, but we must always strive to reach for the best.

Reaching your goal is great, but being successful means reaching your target by working excellently. Aim for excellence and success will follow.

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