If You’re Struggling, You’re Progressing

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: March 14, 2013

It’s normal or us to encounter challenges. At times, it even feels like we have the world on our shoulders. But that doesn’t mean the universe is picking on you, it actually means that you’re getting somewhere.

Challenges and obstacles are signs that you are going somewhere and moving forward with your goals.

Have you ever heard of a successful entrepreneur that never encountered a single obstacle in his career? Probably not.

I believe in the quote above; “If you’re struggling, that means you’re progressing.”

I believe that our struggles are not meant to stop us from achieving our goals. Instead, they are present so we can improve ourselves and become better to what we are today.

When you overcome a challenge or solved a problem, do become worse or better?  I believe we become better because we learn from our experiences; hence, when we are faced with a similar problem in the future exactly what to do.

Struggling is also a sure sign you are moving forward because you are pushing yourself to do well, to improve, and to just go on and reach that imaginary finish line. The more we struggle, the closer we are to our goals. Remember, the toughest breathes you take and meters you will run are those near to the finish line.

So don’t get frustrated when you feel like you’re struggling, be thankful that you are, because it just means you’ll see your goal materialize very soon.

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