Make It Happen Mondays: Consistency is Key

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: July 16, 2012

repetition and consistency
Did you know that for a Japanese smith to create an authentic Katana, they’ll need to fold the iron thousands upon thousands of times? It’s no wonder you can’t get any genuine katana out here – besides it being a cultural exclusivity, it’s also something the Japanese are proud to work hard for, hence its being very VERY expensive.

Thing is, we’re pretty much like Katanas. We have to consistently fold to the heat and pressure in order to be “perfectly” what we want to become.

Well, for the example to be a little more fittig, like Samurais who hone their craft their entire lives. Of course, according to studies, people who are consistent with something new that they’re doing (writing, public speaking, etc) would be more likely to hone their craft in 21 days. Provided, of course, that there’s emotional impact.

Emotional impact implies that just means that you’ve got to be what you want to be. You got to feel that you’re already what you want to be. And trust me, “being” is a lot more than just doing that new thing for 21 days.

The takeaway?

Keep doing what you’re doing with the mindset that you already are what you aim to achieve – and this requires consistency and commitment.

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