One Step Backward, One Freakin Leap Forward

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: December 10, 2013


To reach your goals, you don’t exactly need to be fearless. You just need to understand that at some point, you will leave something familiar and be ready to accept something really new and you have no clue of. We often associate this with taking a leap.

It’s amazing how some people would easily take those leaps. When you think about it, those kinds of people are the successful ones. It’s not because they are brave. It’s because they are willing to move forward and go after what they want. There are even times that we would need to take “One step backward and take one freakin’ leap forward!”

We don’t reach our goals with a snap of a finger. We get them through hard work and sometimes we need to make certain sacrifices. But these sacrifices often lead us to the next best thing. That’s what the quote above is talking about. You need to surpass a challenge in order to move forward and create a bigger opportunity, the opportunity that will take us closer to our goals.

Our goals and the path to them may seem terrifying at times. But to truly move forward, we need to embrace all the hardships and the opportunities that come to it. Even if it means we get shaken out of our comfort zones. And if being successful would mean you need to leap, then we must do it. Otherwise, why have a goal? It’s all right to be a little nervous. Just see the big goal and envision your success. This will surely encourage and strengthen you more to leap forward.

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