There Are Only Two Times In Life, Now And Too Late

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: May 30, 2013

There is a fine line between later and now. Often that small difference can have a big impact on our life.

What we decided to do now rather than later will affect our future. Just like what the quote above says, “There are only two times in life, Now and Too Late.”

We don’t always get the ideal timing or window of opportunity; there are times when we have to create the opportunity for ourselves. The more crucial aspect here is whether you will grab that opportunity or set it for another time. Both taking action immediately and setting it aside for later can have great benefits and downsides.

But ask yourself, have you ever met a successful entrepreneur who prefers to put things he can do immediately aside? I don’t think such a person exists. Successful entrepreneurs value time. They believe in urgency. Why do you think they became more successful than others? It is because they have that constant nagging voice in their head to act now rather than wait for it to be too late.

This is how you must view your goals and the opportunities you create. Each act will bring you closer to your goal faster. All you need to do is choose to make things happen now.

Don’t wait for it to be too late. Don’t get stuck with your goal, do it now.

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