To Win is to Not Quit

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: February 22, 2013
Image from Relatable Posts

Image from Relatable Posts

When you think about what the quote means, it is very simple. Often times, we knock our brains out just to figure out what we can do to be successful in reaching our goals.

Even when building a business, we get caught up with all the plans and all the work. In turn we become exhausted and often times would think about quitting.

If you think about it, no person who decided to quit and still succeeded. Those who persisted and kept trying and doing are those who sow the fruits of their hard works.

The best quality of successful entrepreneurs is they don’t quit; not even if they had 100 setbacks. Instead, they will look for 150 solutions to improve themselves and in order to surpass those 100 challenges.

To attain success in business is like to win in a competition. Why? Because out of all those who tried and failed, only the persistent entrepreneur kept going. He was the one who didn’t quit when the going gets tough. He is the one who invested a lot of  time and effort in his business. And it is him who thinks that quitting is not an option.

How about you? What have you decided? To win and to succeed, or settle with a little setback and quit?

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