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ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: July 15, 2013
With the Azalea Team after the 1 full day Digital Marketing Training last July 9, 2013

With the Azalea Team after the 1 full day Digital Marketing Training last July 9, 2013

Azalea Residences of Baguio City has been in the forefront of the Hotel Industry in using the the Internet not only to reach new leads but also to engage their customers and followers in the Social Media Space. And in there desire to take their Digital Efforts to the next level, they agreed to have a one-full day Digital Marketing Training session with me last July 9, 2013.

I was actually impressed to find out that the group who attended the training was well represented by the different departments in their organization. People with roles in Sales and Marketing, PR, Customer Service, Admin, Client Services and Operations, lead by their General Manager Elisa Escobar  were present in the training. Azalea’s Social Media Consultant ,Vincent Tabor, who is also the owner of and founder of the Cordillera Bloggers Society was also present. This only shows that Azalea Residences acknowledges the VALUE of Digital Marketing and consider it integral in every aspect of their business.

The dilema that I had when preparing for the training was how to fit in all the important topics that are currently essential for the company’s “Digital Level Up”. And with enough preparation, research, and Q&A with Elisa, I was able to come up with a straight-forward training module which trims down the excess fat of “Statistics” and “Why’s” of a normal “Seminar” and focus more on ACTIONABLE steps that the group can immediately apply right after the training.

The topics that I was able to cover include:

With the amount of information that I shared on that day, I’m sure that all the participants were exhausted, not to mention overwhelmed by the long checklists of TODO’s in implementing this new digital marketing plan. But it was because of this dedication of theirs to learning Digital Marketing that they earned my respect and admiration. Very few companies and organizations in the Philippines fully acknowledge the value of Digital Marketing and ACT ON IT. And am positive that this is one reason why their company will be ahead of their competitors in this Digital Age.

To the whole Azalea Team, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share to you my passion and expertise! More power to Azalea Residences… Your Holiday Haven! 🙂

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