Just For Fun Fridays: Integrity…Really?

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: May 24, 2013

That’s what we call integrity, right?

But seriously, integrity is very valuable especially in an online business where we can’t really talk to people in person. Customers rely on us to deliver what we promised when we said we will. We must always value our customers’ trust, for this can make them loyal customers or not.

Next time, if you think you’ll have a problem with a purchase or product, better let your customers know or better yet, offer an alternative.

And tell your spouse where you really are.

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[…] “Integrity is doing the proper factor, even when nobody is watching.” – C.S. Lewis. A candidate’s ethics is likely one of the finest methods to know that they stand behind their phrases and that they really get the job finished. Workers with sturdy integrity do the job they’re assigned to do whereas respecting their coworkers and managers. This is likely one of the most important expertise of an excellent worker.Supply: BenFrancia […]

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