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ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: July 26, 2011

Empty deskI’ve come to realize that my blog isn’t only a place where I can help people by sharing valuable content. As it turns out, I can also use it to ask for help while providing value in return. LOL

In any case, I’m looking for awesome people who might want to earn a decent living. Now, you may be thinking that I should be posting this on JobStreet or Odesk. Well let me let you in on a little something: I already have and I just took this opportunity to describe what these respective occupations do.

Internet Marketing Copywriter – You’ve seen landing pages with a sign up form and a big button that says “Get it Now” or “Gain Access”, right? Ever wondered who in their right minds would write stuff like that singe day of his or her life?

It’s one thing to have to write sales page or sales letter copy by yourself – it’s completely different if you’re an Internet marketing copywriter. These folks are usually those with a background at advertising, public relations or journalism. Their job usually revolves around sales copies that people can’t say no to.

Blog Article Writer – Internet marketers, be it overseas or in the local scene, outsource their most mundane tasks so they can focus on other “more important” business factors. I’m not saying that blogging isn’t important. I’m saying an entrepreneur can hire another person to write for him so he can still provide value for his prospects online.

Outsourcing companies usually hire blog article writers by the number of articles people need. I, on the other hand, hire per client. Call me OC, but I want to make sure that a writer’s style is consistent with the previous article a client asks for. I don’t want to risk quality over quantity and while I know someone wants to have articles writ for the sake of SEO foddering, I still wouldn’t want to risk quality.

Video Editor – Videos are hitting it big in the Internet nowadays and it’s becoming more and more obvious that if you’re an Internet marketer who’s not making any cash at all, it’s time for you to harness it’s power.

Think about it. The Go-to medium of content in social media is video and in the search engines, videos usually make it in the first page. Unless you accept that videos are going to help you make more cash, you’ll be stuck where you are.

In any case, while learning how to do video is relatively easy, asking someone who’s learned in its arts can really make a difference in terms of your videos’ quality. That’s where a video editor comes in.

Graphic Designer – Graphic designers are awesome people who are gifted with a visual prowess that’s attuned to stunning visual aesthetics and creativity… They also make really good website designers and blog theme creators.

You know how sometimes a book is just as interesting as the pictures that’s in it? Well, the same works with Internet pages. While textual content can be great, what can make it awesome are some images here and there. That’s what graphic designers do – they give your website a little relief from textual eye sore.

So there you have it – four people, four individual talents. If you know anyone who has the skill and attitude (good), let me know in the comments section. Would be glad to do business with you.

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