Just For Fun Fridays: Digital Toilet

As you can see, from the above picture, life has changed.

When we used to contemplate on what we want to buy in the toilet, we looked to magazines and newspapers back in the day.
These days, the throne is not laden by paper media – rather, iPads, tablets and heck, even a full-fledged MacBook (complete with Internet connection).

And who wouldn’t prefer that? You’d do more than just read ads or look at fancy stuff in an eStore.
You could look at your Facebook, check your email, heck play a little game of Angry Birds while shaking hands with the president.

What do you think?

Blogging TIP #5: Share Your Posts on the Different Social Networks

One small task that you need to do immediate after you publish a blog post is to Share to the different Social Media Networks.

When I say Social Media Networks, I’m not just talking about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. There are literally hundreds of Social Media Sites and Social Bookmarking Sites that you can share your links to.

Sharing your content in the Social Media Sphere creates discussion and engagement about your content… which in turn eventually leads to traffic, leads and sales.

Aside from getting engagement, sharing your links in the different social networks creates social signals that are used as additional ranking points by Google. This means that the higher the number of social links that you get, the higher the chance that your blog posts rank in the search engines.

Go ahead and share this post if you find it useful! :)

Blogging TIP #4: Use Videos

Have you checked on your Google analytics lately?

How’s your bounce rate? Is it at a respectable rate of , say, 50%? Or is it sulking down to, maybe, 70%? The thing is, if you want to keep your readers engaged and wanting for more, you’ve got to get them to stay in your site longer. When you do that, your bounce rate automatically lowers and you’ll find that people generally get engaged with your blog.

How do you do this?

Use videos, of course!

In this video, I’ll show you why you need to use videos for your blog posts. Check it out:

Blogging TIP #3: Use your target Keywords in your Blog Post Title

There are many reasons why you need to have your target keywords stated clearly on your blog post’s titles. For one, there’s the SEO need and, another, you need to be very clear with your audience. By clear, I mean you ought to communicate what is it exactly that you’re going to talk about in that post – and it has to start from the title itself.

No use dilly dallying in a world that runs on time and energy.

In any case, I’ll explain why you need to use your target keywords in your blog posts in this video. Check it out:

Make It Happen Mondays: It’s Worth It

make it happen

Whenever you reach for your goals – something that will make you feel that you’ve lived your life to the fullest – I can tell you that it’s worth it. BUT (and I say that in caps), it’s not going to be easy. Let’s face it, anything that’s great requires you to go out of your comfort zone. You’ll encounter fear, anger, sadness – a lot of emotions. But at the end of the day, if you really worked hard for your dreams, then you can truly say that you’ve gone the distance.

Hey, being awesome at something was never easy. Besides, all that struggle makes everything worthwhile too.

Just For Fun Fridays: OMG Bubbles! :)

I like how you can build and nurture relationships in Facebook just like how you do in real life – through consistent and honest communication.
This continuous communication with your audience is called engagement. And it can take on many forms – from answering your audience’s most pressing questions to providing solutions to their most pressing problems. Sometimes, it usually takes just making them smile or laugh throughout the duration of the day,

I also like GoldFish – particularly the fancy ones, like this Oranda you see over here. I think it’s saying “OMG! Bubbles!” How about you? What do you think it’s saying?

Blogging TIP #2: Be Consistent

Being consistent means a lot of things.

It is a symbol of your commitment and, at some point, how mentally tough you are – especially in an Internet business context. I’ve been with people who’ve taught me several things (by several, I mean severely a lot!) about Internet marketing, and to tell you the truth, consistency is what makes all the difference in a campaign. It’s not just understanding the concept of one strategic move, nor is it the coding and development of website functions that makes heads explode. It’s the consistency of an individual in providing content for his target audience that really takes the juice out of him.

In this video, I’ll be sharing with you why it’s important for you to be consistent as it benefits your business by satisfying both your target audience and the search engines. Check it out:

Blogging TIP #1: Provide Value

What’s that number 1 secret to getting lots of followers for your blog?

I mean, really, a few friends of mine have asked this question before and they’ve been blogging for more than 3 years now and they’ve never really developed much of a following. Even in an Internet business concept, business blogs get little to no followers at all. Probably because they talk mostly about themselves, promotions and how their brands are better than others out there – NOT exactly a good blog content model.

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Make It Happen Mondays: Dream Big and Make It Happen

make it happen

Did you ever look on top of a corporate skyscraper and imagined you own the world? It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Makes you feel like you have obtained power – it also feels like you can do anything; that’s the effect of being on top of the world.

And after a few minutes, a friend of yours or someone you’re with snaps you out of your trance and you continue to move on. Don’t you think you deserve what you just imagined earlier? Well, get out there and Make It Happen!

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