An AWESOME Experience During the JGL Open Coffee Meet-Up

Fellow Entrepreneurs at the JGP Open Coffee Meet Up last Feb. 9, 2013

Fellow Entrepreneurs at the JGP Open Coffee Meet Up last Feb. 9, 2013

Last Saturday, I attended this Open Coffee Meet-Up which was organized by Peter Cauton of It was great that one of the attendees of my Mastermind group shared the link to me that I got the chance to participate in this very productive event. I took it as an opportunity for me to get inputs from fellow entrepreneurs about their problems and challenges in starting an online business, so I can in turn develop better training products for my market.

It was an open discussion among seasoned and newbie entrepreneurs about each other’s business start-ups. People were given 2 minutes each to speak in front to talk about their new business idea, pitch for a new business concept to invite potential partners or investors, ask the group for some inputs about a certain aspect of their business, or to just simply solicit feedback to validate a new product concept.

When it was my turn to speak, I asked the group this question which caused a couple of people to scratch their head:

“What is your biggest challenge about starting and running an online business?”

“Wow! We can talk about that the whole day!”, one answered. “Can you be a bit more specific?”, another one asked. The rest just stared at me and kept silent for a few seconds as if they were clueless about what I was talking about.

I must admit that I felt awkward at first. But then I realized what that response was telling me… that Entrepreneurs have a lot of challenges in bringing their existing or start up business online.

I did get a few other inputs from some of the participants, like the challenge of establishing credibility for your new business through your website. But I believe, the biggest take away that I got from this event was knowing that my Passion and Strength in Online Marketing can fill a gap and address the needs of my fellow Entrepreneurs.

It was a totally awesome experience and I’m looking forward to the next Open Coffee Meet-Up.

Thank you JGL for organizing this event and in helping the Filipino Entrepreneur create a “Juan Great LEAP”!



JGL is also ramping up for Startups Unplugged: Get Personal with 20 Startup Founders, which is another start up event on March. 2. Check it out!