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ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: February 25, 2014

Advice For Entrepreneurs – Blog More!Entrepreneurs are always on the look out of how else they can improve their businesses. Not many of them consider blogging as a driving force behind their business. Seth Godin shared one habit to he recommends to all entrepreneurs, blog daily.

“Blogging helps you to be more honest with yourself. It allows you to keep thinking of new ideas and forces you to communicate these ideas.”

Legal marketing consultant and blogger, Adrian Dayton, also shared how blogging helps him share what he is reading and thinking about. It is his way of digesting new ideas and learning.

For some, blogging everyday may be too much. But it is a very healthy habit. It keeps your machine well oiled and you get ideas on the comments and feedbacks. You gain more when you share as much as your readers and followers do.

Dayton also addressed other lawyers who don’t think they’re entrepreneurs. He said, “You have identified and started a business venture more than once and continue to do so today. Becoming a lawyer, growing as a lawyer, getting better at serving clients, and growing your business is all about entrepreneurship.”

What do you think are other healthy habits entrepreneurs need to practice? Do you have your own ritual or special practices? Share them below.

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