How To Get Leads with a Facebook Promo

One secret to having a successful business online is to have the audience you want to work with trust and consider you as an authority – they’re also the ones who you feel need your help in something and will gladly pay you for it.

While building trust and levels of permission is done through consistent and relevant engagement, I guess the first thing every Internet businessman has to consider is:

“How do I get an audience that’s highly motivated, that’s more likely to engage with me, in the first place?”

There are many ways to do this, firstly, ads and then maybe a little offline campaigns. Plus, you can have some major SEO for your site to get leads from off the search engines.

In this article, however, I’ll show you how you can get some leads through a Facebook promo. I’ll be a little more specific – I’m going to show you how to run a raffle. Check it out:

1. Pick a prize. Don’t just pick any prize. Pick one that’s most relevant to your audience’s desires. By that, I mean think of a prize that not everyone’s interested in except your target audience.

One specific example, if you’re selling fishing tutorials, you might want to have a special lure/ bait or even a special fishing rod as a prize.

2. Get an app that allows you them to sign up with their names and email addresses. If you’ve got the funds, you can go for apps like WildFire or Lujure. But if you’re just starting, you can start off with a Static HTML app and have a web developer create a sign up form for you.

Note: You may want them to Like your page first. Here’s a little app I have that I crafted on my own.

3. Drive traffic to that app. I’m talking about consistent posting about the contest – from blog posts, graphic posts, link post to Facebook Ads. Speaking of ads, make sure you use some keywords that are related to your audience’s interests and the prize. Let’s take from the example earlier, Fishing – you may want to use the keywords Fishing, Fishing Rods and maybe even water sports. This allows Facebook to show your ads to those people who are interested in the such activities.

4. Promote your winner. You may want to get their full names in order for you to promote whoever won your raffle (with their consent of course). You may want to include in your rules and terms and conditions that winners’ name shall be announced on a given date. From there you can announce the winners in all your social places and even your blog.

That’s basically it, really. At the end of the day, you have a list of subscribers who you can directly engage with via Facebook and email.

Speaking of raffles and promotions, I’m holding one right now. Just click on this link to find out more about it.
It’s called the “Win A Free Website” Raffle. You might want to join in. :)