[ASK BEN] How Do I Make My Products Visible in Facebook?

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: March 26, 2013

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How can I make my brand/product more searchable on Facebook?

From Karlo Victor Abapo 

My Answer:

Perform a process called Facebook Graph Search Optimization, which essentially makes your Facebook Business page rank higher in the Facebook Graph Search according to your target keywords.

How does it exactly work? The same with search engines; Facebook now has a formula to determine the relevance of a Facebook page to a particular user. This simply means you can easily search for establishments and businesses in a specific category through certain keywords.

Facebook graph search has been around since January 2013, but now users and businesses see its benefits. For the user, imagine you can now efficiently search products and services that are now more visible in Facebook. Meanwhile, business owners can be more visible in Facebook and take their online presence up a notch.

So as entrepreneurs, what else can we do to take advantage of Facebook’s Graph Search?

What’s in a name? – It all starts with this, a good page name. This is your brand and the name of your business. Make sure it’s straight to the point. Just the name of your business establishment or the service/product you offer. If you haven’t assigned a username to your Facebook Business Page yet, you can do so by going to http://www.facebook.com/username

Categorize – Make sure you categorize your page. Categorize it base on the product you offer, and relevance of to your industry.

About who? – Provide a detailed explanation of who you are, what the Facebook page is all about. This should answer questions like: Who are you? And What are you? All these fall on the “About” section of the page. Don’t forget to fill up the “Mission” and “Company Description” sections too. This will help other users know your business better.

Keywords – Find and use relevant keywords to your business. These keywords can be your main SEO keywords. Use these keywords in describing your business and in your content.

Engage and Share – Since Facebook is a social media platform, don’t forget to engage people through chatting, replying to the comments, and ask questions. Most importantly, share valuable content. Content can be in various forms like photos and videos, even sharing articles relevant to your business. Encourage them to engage like checking-in, for establishments, and liking your photos. The more “engaged” your page is, the more “Authority Points” you get from Facebook and thus ranks you higher in Graph Search.

These are just some of the things you could look into to improve your Facebook Graph Search visibility. Utilize what Graph Search offers you now and don’t forget to link your website’s url in your Facebook page too.

See this in action! Try searching for the keyword phrase “INTERNET MARKETING PHILIPPINES” and see which Facebook Page shows up!☺



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