3 Ways To Improve Your Call-to-action

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: November 8, 2013

call to action

How do you keep your readers hooked?

One way is to keep on producing valuable content. But sometimes the last sentence or 3-5 words can make them come back to your site the next day.

It is the call-to-action. Usually, call-to-action includes the words “click here,” “sign-up today,” and “buy now.”

They generally answer the question, “why?” Why should your customers “buy now”? An example of a call-to-action is, “buy today and enjoy the benefits!”

How can you make sure your call-to-action is effective? Here are three questions to ask yourself:

Does you sentence grab your attention? – The first test subject will be you. Is the sentence capturing your attention to the point that you will read on? If, you’re answer is, “yes, this is good.” Well, don’t settle with it. You have to make it excellent! Because only excellent call-to-action will make your readers perform an action, whether it is to get a discount, sign up, etc.

Is your call-to-action emphatic? – Is it noticeable enough that it already sounds a bit like a sales pitch? Well, if it’s not, make it sound more sales-y. Just remember not to rub it in to the point that it will lose its flavor. Make it obvious enough that readers will notice it!

Did you link your call-to-action? – In order follow through an action, you need to provide your readers with resources that will help them take that action. In the case of a blog, your followers need to read your entire content; they need to be directed to the right page. If it’s a video or sound clip, make sure the link is working.

If all your answer to these questions is yes, well congratulations! Your content is getting momentum and you will soon enjoy the success of your website.  If not, then better work on it some more. Don’t fret! We have more blogging tips that will help you have a successful blog.

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