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ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: June 10, 2012

elegant themesEver wondered what “love at first sight” feels like? Believe it or not, I experienced it first-hand – in an Internet business context, at least. You see, subscribing to a premium WordPress theme provider is admittedly one of the best decisions I made as a professional WordPress web developer. To illustrate my point, I searched the web for the top premium WordPress themes and one particular provider had me at “hello”. Elegant Themes shone like a light in SERP darkness and just like that, it was on top of me like a toothpick over an olive. It also happens to consistently remain up there on the top of my list. In this review, I’ll talk about how Elegant Themes isn’t only elegant but also enchanting enough to suit your business needs. Check it out:

Enchanting ePanel

With Elegant Themes, it’s pretty simple to edit and customize the look and feel of your WordPress theme. Besides that, Elegant Themes also allows you to set some preferences on some of the basic features of your website like Sliders, SEO, Navigation, SEO, Ads and much, much more.

“Elegant” Design

The name speaks for itself, folks. Elegant Themes have the most beautiful themes available. They’re classy, clean and have good color combinations that certainly take your breath away. You can also change each respective theme’s color schemes, giving you a say as to how each should look like. But there’s more to these themes than just a pretty face. They’re also designed with usability in mind. By that, I mean some of these themes have specific feature that fulfil specific functions that can prove useful to those subscribe to the WordPress theme provider.

Enormous Bang-for-your-buck

You may think that with Elegant Themes, you’d spend a lot of cash (just like you would with high-maintenance girlfriends). Thing is, Elegant Themes offers one of the most economical subscriptions available. I’m talking about access to all 74 classy themes for only $74. That’s like being with a girl who likes you for who you are – at least after middle school.

Enticing Ad-readiness

For starting Internet businessmen who’re looking to make some money off of ads, Elegant Themes offer an option to add affiliate banners to sidebars. It’s cool because putting in those ads are fairly easier to install than just manually putting them through some nasty codes.

Embracing Support

Elegant Themes offers a friendly community of willing helpers in the form of a forum. The best thing about it is some of the technical issues that new users commonly encounter are immediately addressed through pre-made threads. So whenever you’re in a rut, make sure you check these threads out. Notice how all my point starts with “E”? Yes, I tend to get poetic when it comes to talking about things I’ve madly fallen in love with – like Elegant Themes. In any case, if you’re not convinced, here’s a little link you can click on. If you’re already enchanted as I am, click here and start giving your Internet business that enchanting and elegant feel it deserves – one fit for an empire!

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