Tweetdeck For Beginners

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: November 26, 2013

tweetdeck for begginers

With the onslaught of social media marketing, we need better ways to manage or Twitter activities; hence, using TweetDeck as a solution.

TweetDeck is in an organized desktop form that would make the lives of social media mangers and casual tweeters easier. It has different organizational tools like customizable columns, multiple accounts toggling and scheduling. The simplicity of using TweetDeck starts in setting it up.

First, download the TweetDeck app and create a separate TweetDeck account. From there, you’ll be able to access Twitter. You have the option of choosing the Chrome web app or installing either the Windows or Mac desktop apps.

You can connect to as many Twitter accounts as you want through the Settings. Just be mindful of which account you will use as your default to prevent accidentally tweeting from your other accounts.

TweetDeck can automatically update your feed by simply checking the “Stream tweets in real time” option under the General setting. You can even change the appearance of your deck with several options of: light and dark color schemes, larger or smaller font sizes, and wider or thinner columns.

Utilize the Columns feature by creating columns for your DM inbox, timeline, interactions, and more. All you have to do is “Add Column.” You can manage and easily read through your lists you’re subscribed on or to by using Columns. Easily organize your lists depending on your interests, events or things that would usually be hidden on your main feed. If you notice, the columns have numbers on the top left of the header bar. When you type those numbers you can go from column to column.

The search function is really handy when you want to follow several hashtags during events.

Recent updates let you preview added images, get auto-fill suggestions for hashtags and handles, and easily shorten links on the left sidebar.

Replying to tweets is easy too. If you want to reply to multiple users not in the same conversation, just click the reply arrow on the tweets you want to reply to and the handles will appear in the original compose field you opened.

Meanwhile, scheduling tweets is made easier by a quick calendar view with timestamps.

Managing tweets can be made easier. Try TweetDeck and see if it would work well with you!

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