What’s the Secret Formula to Success? Be! Do! Have!

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: March 4, 2014


Do you know the easiest formula of success? Clue: it’s found in the image above.

Be! Do! Have! – But what does it mean? Let me break it down for you.

Be! – This is when you decide what you want to be. You send out the good intention. For example, being a successful entrepreneur. You need to realize that you are that person and visualize the success or dream that it is already your reality.

Do! – You need to follow through of course. You can’t expect to succeed by sitting around. You must take necessary actions that will fuel your way to success. Be productive and create opportunities for you and your business. Do everything that you must in order to make your dreams come true.

Have! – Relish the fruits of your labor and enjoy. When you do things right then there is no reason not to succeed.

So remember these three words. Be! Do! Have!

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