Wondering if You’ll Succeed? All You Have To Do Is Try

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: November 29, 2013


The first step will always be the hardest. It’s the trying phase when you are not so sure how the outcome will turn out. But this is also a start of something.

We are often put in a situation where we have to do things for the first time. Yes, it might seem scary because we have no clue what exactly would happen afterwards. But we might as well give it a shot. Just like what the quote above said, “All you have to do is try.” There is no harm in trying; however, regret poses a more negative effect on us.

Regretting what you could have done is worse than trying. When you try something, you find out how it will work for you. Also, trying leads you to learning how else you can make things better. You learn on improving your skill and craft.

So next time you encounter something new, don’t be afraid. Try it! That is all you have to do to find out if you would want to pursue it or not.

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