Big Life Changes Maybe Scary, But Regret Is Scarier

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: November 15, 2013

Big life changes and huge leaps can scare anyone. The giant step away from what we are used to is what really scares us. But the worse feeling is the regret of letting opportunities pass by.

At times we would need to find courage to go to the uncharted territory or the unknown in order to improve ourselves. It will be scary yes, but trying it out will make a bigger difference compared to just wondering what could have been.

It’s not easy to be brave and get out of your comfort zone, but that is the only way to move forward. Improving, excelling, and progressing are about taking that next step, whatever it may be. The next chapters won’t be easy; they may even be very challenging. At the end of the day, it’s about moving forward.

Life changes are scary for all of us. It’s either you choose to pursue those changes or you stay where you are, wondering what could have been and regretting the lost opportunity. Take that leap, go face those scary life changes, and move forward!

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