What Do You Choose From Here?

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: May 9, 2013
Image from livelifehappy.com

Image from livelifehappy.com

All of us had some bad experiences. Sometimes they come to haunt us, and we can either choose to do something about it or run away again.

Our past is in the past, not everyone will forget about it, but it doesn’t matter anymore because it is long gone. What’s important is how we will move forward. It is tougher to stand up and move forward than fail. That has always been the more challenging part. We have to gather our strength once more and think of solutions to overcome adversities.

Even successful entrepreneurs were challenged. Their will, their strength, and their wit were tested by numerous challenges. That’s the only way to grow, that’s how they became successful.

Great men and women have faced obstacles. Sometimes those obstacles feel like they are too much to bear. But if we choose to give up, then we will never see our dreams materialize. We would remain the same way, no growth.

Crossing that finish line gives us such a positive and overwhelming feeling because it proves we can do it despite the odds we face. And nobody is really counting how many times you stumble and fall. What really matters is what you do about it.

Choose to fight or flee, that’s entirely up to you. Remember, it is the moment you choose one over the other defines the kind of person you are.

Forget about what happened yesterday, see what you can change today that will improve what you will have tomorrow.

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