[Audio Blog] Realize That “I Can’t,” Usually Means “I Won’t”

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: March 12, 2014

The moment you decide you will have a great day, means you are already sending out good intentions for yourself. It always starts with that.

The positive attitude will set the course of what you want to happen in your day or in life. When you realize and acknowledge all the opportunities instead seeing the failure then you also create a larger chance to succeed. According to Martial artist, Tae Yum Kim in his book, The Silent Master: Awakening The Power Within, “Realize that ‘I Can’t’ usually means ‘I won’t!’”

As soon as you recognize the positive chances, you invite those in your life. The belief and hope help us in tough times to go on; thereby, encouraging us to pursue our dreams. So start each day with positivity and let it guide you to success.

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