The Secret to Success: Always Find A Way, Not An Excuse

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: May 7, 2013
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Problems and challenges are parts of life. They are there to teach us and help us improve. You can’t really run away from problems permanently. They end up haunting you until you face them.

Instead of looking for excuses, use the time and effort to find a way to solve those problems. They won’t go away on their own.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t hide from their problems. They tackle them and look for solutions. That’s why they become successful in the first place. They recognize all these challenges and solve them immediately. Entrepreneurs are not discouraged by a few setbacks because they know those are part of a growing business. They know that if they don’t solve the problem soon, it may grow even bigger.

If you are only given 10 minutes of your time to solve a problem, how will you use it? Will you use parts of it complaining and finding an excuse or would you efficiently use the 10 minutes to find solutions and actually solve the problem?

We don’t always have the luxury of time especially at the most crucial moments. There is no spare time to complain and blame somebody else. We only have room for action and solutions.

Nobody would succeed or reach their goal if they keep looking for excuses. So when a problem arises, deal with it by finding solutions immediately, not by thinking of excuses.

Ben Francia

Anytime, Bernie! :)

2014-10-07 09:34:13

Bernie Lavares

Hi Ben.Good day to you. Too true. For us who knows and is continually trying to grow in this area, it is quite a challenge and liberating at the same time. Thanks for the insight.

2014-10-04 09:30:30

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