If We Wait Until We’re Ready, We’ll Always Be Waiting

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: March 20, 2013
Image from Blindfold

Image from Blindfold

“Tomorrow, when the sun is shining bright, I’ll be ready,” said the person who is always wait for the perfect day to start doing something about his goals.

More often than not, someone will beat this person to the finish line. Somebody who doesn’t care about the perfect weather or perfect condition. This kind of person will succeed.

As entrepreneurs, we don’t need to always wait for the perfect timing and condition on when we will make our move. At times we just have to go ahead and do it, no matter what the condition may be. We shouldn’t be stopped by the circumstances that surround us.

Any dedicated and committed individual would pursue his goals no matter what the circumstances may be. He take those circumstances and use them to leverage him in attaining his goals.

No successful entrepreneur kept waiting for the right opportunity and condition. He does what he needs to do no matter what. Rain or shine, there is a goal that needs to be reached.

If we delay until we are “ready”, then we’ll always be waiting. Think about it, what does being “ready” for you means? Does it mean, the perfect time, perfect weather, or perfect opportunity? What if you never ever get those? Does that mean you will never reach your goal? Don’t wait to be ready, just be ready!

No more waiting, make it happen!

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