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If you don’t take that leap of faith, you will always be stuck exactly where you are.

The only way a change or an improvement will happen is if you Make It Happen. Truth is, only you can do it, nobody can do it for you. Some people may lead you to the door, but it is only you who can go through it.

Successful entrepreneurs took risks, gambled, and jumped to get them where they are today. They didn’t just wait around for those winning moments; they created them. True, it can be scary, but what are we really so afraid of? Some may be afraid of failing, but who says you can’t get back up? Meanwhile, some are just scared of the unknown and the change that awaits them. But who knows if that change is good or even great? All I know is the first step to anything is moving from point A to point B.

It is only through the journey will we see the doors opening to opportunities and learning lessons.

The only way you will find out what is waiting for you on the other side is to just jump.

What else are you waiting for? Jump now!

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