Marketing Isn’t Magic

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: December 4, 2013
Image from HubSpot

Image from HubSpot

When we market our products and services, we actually offer them. We don’t sell them, but present them to people who would need them. We don’t blindly offer and present these products and services to random people, we need to take time to figure out who would need them the most.

Dan Zarrela said, “Marketing isn’t magic. There is a science to it.” He’s right. It’s not about guessing which would be more useful to most people and which won’t. There are studies and research that comes with every marketing campaign. Of course there is also experimenting and trial and error.

Marketing may not be formulated in a laboratory, but there is a science to it. It needs to be studied before it can be executed. Before offering anything to your clients, place yourself in their situation. Think about what they would need and how you can help them.

Don’t just sell and market your products, relate to your customers first. Don’t go around guessing what they need. Find out how you can help your clients. That’s when you will appreciate the science of marketing. Learn the science, then market.

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