Money Follows Passion

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: January 15, 2014
Image from Hubspot

Image from Hubspot

Our passion will lead us to our success. All we have to do is pursue it and work hard on it.

Following what we are passionate about will bring joy to our lives. Also, we would be more encouraged to succeed and achieve more if we pursue our passion. David Siteman Garland said, “Money follows passion—not the other way around.”

Some believe that if they pursue their passion, it won’t be lucrative. But the truth is, we strive more when we love and enjoy what we do. Hence, it will drive us to do more, achieve more, and earn more. The love that we put into our work will turn into viable income.

Money will always follow passion and never the other way around. So it is best to find our passion and pursue that. Be the best at what you love. Soon, you will reap all your efforts. What are you passionate about?


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