ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: July 30, 2014

It’s important to hear out what your customers want. But it is most important to provide them an even better solution to their problem before they even realize the problem.

Innovative is one trait great brands and entrepreneurs have in common. They are not just looking to provide the next best thing, they want to deliver a product or service that customers will eventually demand and need. Innovation means creating something very useful and offering better methods.

Henry Ford once said, “If I’d asked my customers what they’d wanted, they’d have said a faster horse.” Imagine if Ford only provided what his customers wanted. We may still be running about town on horses. Instead, he used his customers’ concern to create an innovative product, one that changed the transportation system.

Creating solutions is not enough for our customers. We must provide them with innovative products and experience to create a lasting impression. We must always strive for excellence and aim to improve.

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