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Try and try until you succeed, this is the best explanation for this quote.

We are always free to change and adjust a few things to attain our goals but never give up on your dreams and aspirations.

Nobody really got it right the first time. Often times, we go through several changes and challenges before we can say, “Yes! I’ve finally perfected it!”

It is through all those second time, third time, fourth time, and so on that we learn. We become closer to succeeding because of all those trial and error.

The attitude of not quitting is exactly what makes us successful entrepreneurs. It is through the experiences, the mistakes, and the lessons, that gave us better knowledge on handling whatever that comes our way. Entrepreneurs first became seasoned failures before becoming successful.

Don’t believe me? Come up with one successful entrepreneur who never failed, not even once. I’m sure no matter how hard you think you won’t come up with one. Now, think of a successful entrepreneur who quit. Again, no name came to mind. That’s because they don’t quit. They are very persistent people. They know this is one key trait in order to succeed.


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