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What are the principles behind a successful start-up Internet Entrepreneur?

From Kenn Costales 

My Answer:

Start a business that you are PASSIONATE about.

This has always been my first advice to every aspiring startup Internet Entrepreneur who wants to create business success online. This principle should be taken seriously. I’m not saying that you won’t earn money on niches that are way outside of your circle of interest. You actually still can, given the right conditions, effort and resources. But what I can guarantee you is that a business that is not based on your PASSION will never be a source of personal fulfillment and satisfaction in spite of the potential financial gains.

A perfect example is when I started doing one of my first business ventures which is a “Home-Based Soap Manufacturing Business”. My main motivation then for choosing that kind of business is the income potential. I thought then that a good product, with a relatively lower price, and significantly high recurring demand would instantly spell business success.

I was wrong.

And when the business “birth pains” started to set in, so did the discouragement in making things work for a business that didn’t have a place in my heart. The usual struggles of any start-up like People Management, Cashflow and Collection, Logistics, etc. caused me to doubt if it was the right business for me. It wasn’t fun anymore because the element of excitement has already faded. I wasn’t enjoying it simply because soaps and detergents is not my PASSION.

Creating business success in the Internet is never overnight. And what will really sustain you in these Start-Up Challenges is simply your PASSION in the business that you started… your “Love for the Game!” as others may call it.

So better think twice before you start your first or next business venture. Starting a business for the sake of pure profit will just end miserably, I’m telling you. No amount of money can compare to the kind of satisfaction and fulfillment that you will get by working on the things that you love.

Look in to your heart and listen what it is telling you. Identify those things that are within “your element”. Focus on the stuff that you can normally spend long hours in even without getting paid for, to the point that you normally loose track of time while doing it (like playing video games for example? Lol ☺) and turn that passion in to a profitable business.



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