Business Is About Making Dreams Come True

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: June 28, 2013
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The reason some business fail is not just because the entrepreneurs lack passion. It’s because all they think about is making profit.

Yes, we need money to acquire material things, but that’s not just the only reason you must have when setting up a business. There must be a deeper meaning into why you are in a certain industry. Like what Derek Sivers said, “Business is not about money. It’s about making dreams come true for others and for yourself.”

Each business must have a deeper purpose of not just helping others but also give us driving force to achieve. It is not just about generating income, it also about making our dreams come true. There are stories behind each business, and from that story a dream began. A restaurateur may have a dream of serving sumptuous meals for his family that turned into providing comfort foods in a posh bistro. Maybe a daycare owner was a jobless mother of two and thought about building a business that would still let her be close to her children.

These are just some examples of how powerful our dreams can be, which is why we must pursue them as we make our business grow.

Businesses succeed when you’re making your dreams and other peoples’ into reality. The bonus is when you earn from it more than what you have expected.

It’s not all about the money. Businesses give opportunities and life to those who dream to succeed. They can help give people purpose and even stir them to the right direction. So go out there and build your business; make dreams come true.


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