Content Marketing: Why You’ll Need More Than Just Two Hands

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: September 7, 2011

I have a philosophy about blogging and it goes a little something like this – write at least 2 articles per day. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing a small case of writer’s block, just write 2 good posts for a day.

Besides trying to train myself to become a better writer (nothing wrong with expanding your skills, right?), I wanted to gain the search engine’s favor by giving it all the food it wants. Yes peeps. Textual content is one of the best ways to get your website ranked.

But I figured there’s something more to that – something that would get my website more traffic and potentially get enough link juice for my website if not get rid of the competition.  Lo and behold, after this epiphany I just had, I found myself writing more than I should.

In any case, let me share this awesome strategy for marketing content:

  1. Subscribe to major article sharing sites – Don’t fret about the Google Panda Update, instead, just subscribe and make relevant content for Ezine, HubPages and Squidoo. Make sure that your usernames are “diverse” and reflect what you feel about your industry (note: focus on the positive).

Having a name that isn’t associated to anything male or female (i.e. videoeditor or videoperson) eliminates threats of discrimination and gets rid of the jones. Just make that account and provide content. At the very least, be ready with at least 9 800 word articles for each one.


  1. Interact with the community – Hubpages and Squidoo have their own respective communities. Make sure you get to talk and share your views with them just so you can show them that you’re human. Remember, you’re also learning from them and you don’t want to just say ‘Great article!’ or ‘Nice!’ Make sure you say something worthwhile and you might get traction for your article.


  1. Keep in mind the metrics and rules – each of these sites have metrics and rules you have to follow. The rules are simple, just don’t be a douche and you’re safe. Otherwise, you’ll get your account banned. As for the metrics, a good example would be HubPages.

The Hubber score is your score. Overall, it seeks to rank you as a writer and contributor. The Hub score is the score of your articles individually. To help you get in the front page, you’ll need a hubber score of at least 98. So you see, these factors play a crucial role in determining where you are and how you’ll do in the site and in the bigger picture, link building and traffic generation for your main blog or site.

  1. Don’t be a spammer – I’d like to be a little more specific by saying that for every 3 posts you make on your article sharing sites, make sure you only have one directed to your main site. Try not to be too obvious by making each one link back there.

Instead, try to drive traffic to each of the articles you’ve made in all your other article sharing sites. This will keep you from being branded as a no-good spammer and make things look more natural.

While it may take a whole lot of effort, the fruits you’ll reap from this venture will certainly be very helpful in the long run. Provided of course, that you follow the rules and do your absolute best with your sites.

Now, if you think that two hands aren’t enough to type as much content as you should, then don’t be afraid to outsource SOME of your writing tasks. It saves time and gives you a little more space to focus on your main site.


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