How Your Employees Can Help You Build Your Online Presence

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: September 18, 2012

emerson learning expo 2012Companies should really be thankful for their employees – not only because they literally run the show whenever they need to, but they can also make your online presence stellar as it should be. That’s right. The average employee can do wonders for a business’ social media – from complain about shady tax cut offs to declaring to the world how fun it is to work in the office.

In September 4, 2012 at the Unilab Bayanihan Center, I was given a chance to speak before roughly a hundred people about how the employees are the biggest asset to businesses. By sparking conversations about the company and its services, employees can draw in a lot of traction from the social realm of the web. It doesn’t only help bring in more potential leads, it also helps the business establish its “humanity” by letting the people know that it’s cool

I also gave them a few tips and action points. Check this out:

The benefits? Well, let me explain:

1. Getting your employees to update their profile to represent you grants you two things: first, you get more link juice and potential reach from your employees if they have your Facebook Page or Website URL in their profile descriptions; second you send the impression that you’re that awesome of a company – any employee who say they’re working at a place is proud to have worked there.

2. Liking and Follow the company’s social media profiles provide, of course, more fans – it sends the impression that the company has an online presence and it is felt, even in a community of people who work for it.

3. Sharing and creating discussions and content made by the company gives it the leverage it needs to make its online presence felt – and felt good.

4. Creating and actively using Facebook Groups as a place for discussions allows you to reach your employees and get them to share, Like and comment on the stuff you post all over the web. It saves you time and effort as compared to setting up a meeting and discussing from there.

5. Taking responsibility online means just being good, doing good and meaning good – no competitor insults, trolling, hating and other stuff online. When confronted with an angry customer or just a fat troll, remember this line: “I will LOVE and TOLERATE the heck out of you.”

To know more how Social Media can leverage your business, check out a workshop I’m conducting on October 20, 2012 – there are limited seats and, so far, more than half of the expected limit have registered.


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