Marketing Insight Wednesdays: Be Human Online

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: July 11, 2012

They say that it’s impossible to show empathy in the digital age of today, given all the technology and the protection of “anonymity” the Internet brings. I respectfully disagree.

I don’t think Egypt was able to oust a leader without empathy from a global movement of tweets and other forms of social media. I think there’s a slight sense of empathy whenever a page is Liked, a Twitter account followed and a Google Plus Page, “pulsed”.

So as you can see, it IS possible for empathy to be shown online. In the Internet marketing sense, empathy doesn’t only apply to customer service – heck, it applies even when you’re in the process of generating your list.
When you show empathy, you’re literally putting yourself in the shoes of your customer and, in the process, figure out what kinds of problems they encounter.

And that’s where you come in to save the day. Given the knowledge of what they’re problems are, you are in the most capable position to SOLVE it with CONTENT. This makes you a problem-solver, thus, you build trust every single time you address an issue of theirs, you’re literally fortifying your authority.

That also makes it easier for them to talk with you, since you can relate with them and you’ve shown them that you are genuinely aware of what they feel.

Empathize with your target audience is, know what’s been bothering them, what they need and SOLVE it. That’s the way you build trust, that’s how you get ENGAGEMENT, that’s how successful Internet marketers and social media marketers do it – And it’s worked out pretty well so far.

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