10 Tips for a Highly Engaging Facebook Page

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: July 5, 2012

A common mistake that businesses online and offline make when using Facebook as a marketing tool is to focus heavily on getting a heck-load of fans. They also pay so much attention to posting promos and tools that sell to their audience.

This makes me sad.

Luckily for me, I’ve decided to just move forward and come up with a way to cheer myself up and help you all out. In this article, I’ll talk about 10 tips that can get your Facebook page the attention that it needs for it to actually be useful for your business.

Check it out:

1. Choose a keyword-rich vanity URL

First off, make sure you get a vanity URL and a name that explicitly states what your page offers. You can use your branding or you can use one that’s pretty useful based on your keyword research. The bottomline: Make sure your audience can easily remember it.

2. Use an attention grabbing cover photo

A cover photo is that banner image you see in an updated page. Remember to make one that people will Like, Share or maybe even use as a cover photo themselves. Also, take note of Facebook’s policies regarding cover photos – they were never intended for advertising. So skip on putting URLs, call-to-actions or contact details in there.

3. Focus on quality, NOT quantity

Remember that adage that it’s better to have 2 loyal and true friends than to have 10 fair-weathered ones? Well, the same applies for Facebook pages. Make sure you get the audience that you want to work with and not just spammy ones.

How do you do that?

• Facebook ads
• Promoting OUTSIDE of Facebook (Blog, YouTube, Twitter, etc)

4. Like other pages that are relevant to your topic

When you’re marketing in Facebook, you’re not just talking about yourself or your brand – you’re talking about what provides value for your audience. This often means Liking other Facebook timeline pages that have a similar theme to your marketing message – chances are, these pages have some insights that can prove to be useful for your target audience.

5. Post images and photos

Facebook has gone from just status posting to straight-edge visual marketing (as you can see from the changes that’s been going on inside the social networking giant).

Make sure you post images that deliver a message that can resonate with your target audience. Make sure that the image you post is touching enough for them to share it.

6. Post videos

Besides images or photos, another thing that gets people to talk in Facebook is video. Here’s a little trick that I implemented and you may want to try this out on your own:

1. Make a video
2. Upload it in YouTube
3. Implement some text and place a URL for the people to visit.
4. Ask for Likes and Shares both in text and in video

This allows you to drive traffic to your site and at the same time get people to start communicating with you.

7. Get people to comment or like your post

You’ll be surprised because asking for Likes or Shares in your posts actually work, especially if your posts are relevant and make a lot of sense. This is also a way of click-training your audience into clicking into everything you give them, so don’t forget to put in that call-to-action.

8. Ask questions

Get your people to talk more by asking them questions that involve or affect their reality. Notice how I put emphasis on “Their”? That’s because it’s best to talk about your audience rather than yourself. This is because besides the fact that it gives your audience the impression that you actually care for them, it’s the best way to get them to talk.

Don’t ask open-ended questions and, as much as possible, get people to answer yes or no questions. It’s easy for your audience to do that AND the explanation comes in automatically.

9. Be Personal

Be real and post about real-life experiences that people can resonate with. This draws in a lot of likes and a few comments here and there.

10. DON’T sell

Firstly, people come in to Facebook to make friends, socialize and be entertained. They do NOT want to buy anything from there, initially. Secondly, people like to buy things BUT they absolutely hate being sold something.

So don’t be in Facebook to sell, be there to build relationships and provide as much free value as you can for them.

That’s about it for my 10 tips for an engaging Facebook page. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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