4 Reasons Why You Need Images On Your Blog

ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: December 9, 2013

4 Reasons Why You Need Images On Your Blog

Let’s face it! We need a visual representation of what we are talking about. We have been practicing this since the first time we went to school. We have then the blackboard as a medium. So why shouldn’t we use images on our blogs.

In case, you still feel that you don’t need images on your blog. Let me give you the top 4 reasons why you need images or graphics on your blog posts:

  1. Spark interest – Images and graphics create additional interest to your viewers before they even read your posts. Also, it’s great way to break from all the texts in your posts.
  2. Keeps readers’ from reading – Capturing your readers’ attention is not enough. You need to keep them glued in and read the rest of your post. This is where an image comes in handy.
  3. Make a point – When we are making a point, graphics can help us strengthen and help express our opinion.
  4. Make a mark – There are so many bloggers out there. In order to set you apart and leave a mark, you have to be memorable and distinguishable. Your images can help you achieve that.

Images and graphics are important in any blog post, whether you are telling a story, sharing information, or offering a product. Express more through images. Add them to your blog today!

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