6 Tips To Avoid Blogging Burnout

ben francia | by Ben Francia |Last Updated: July 23, 2014
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Most people forget that blogging is an avenue to share knowledge and information when they see it more of a task. When bloggers start seeing it as a task or work, they may feel uninspired to blog. Also, some bloggers may feel blogging burnout trying to come up with topics to discuss.

In order to avoid blogging burnout, here are a few tips you can consider:

1. Keep The Topic Broad – Remember to have a broad blog topic you can play around with for a long time. Your passion, context, and interest may change overtime. So it is good to have a broader topic to let you move fluidly between topics. If the focus is too narrow, the blog may eventually die out.

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2. Keep It Long term – The same with the topic, you want a blog name that will stand the test of time, or relevant. You can’t simply pick a name base on fad. Avoid names related to a current product or buzzword.

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3. Keep A List Of Topics – You can have a notebook to keep all your blog ideas when it hits you. You can also use voice memos or use applications such as Evernote. Follow bloggers you admire and aspire to be. Find inspirations from by reading other blogs or magazines.

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4. Have Fun – The best way to eliminate burnout is by having fun. Don’t let out the fun go out. Share posts or topics that you find amusing and interesting. Better yet, create a series that would introduce humor. This will surely benefit you and your readers.

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5. You Can’t Please Everyone – Yes, we are writing for our readers and target followers. But truth is, not everyone may agree with you. Don’t think too hard on how you can keep your readers happy by avoiding provoking thoughts. Instead, learn on how to engage with them. Don’t please them. Share information that will benefit.

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6. Don’t Think About The Metrics Too Much – There really is no need to think about numbers. It puts away the fun in blogging and would often times pressure you. Focus on the content. Create relevant content that your audience will love.

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When you start feeling the blogging burnout, go through these tips and keep the blogging fire alive.


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