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ben francia | by Ben Francia | Last Updated: June 13, 2012

hostgatorIn this review, I’m going to talk about HostGator’s webhosting services. I’ve been using HostGator for my clients’ websites even before I started getting a website on my own. Truth be told, I ran a little research back in the day regarding webhosts and, true enough, HostGator stood out. So, here’s MY review – check it out:

1. Highly Reliable – In all my years with HostGator, I never really had any down or “lag” time using with the websites I use it with. It’s cool because it’s services oh ‘round one million websites to date. To top it all off, it’s got a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

That’s right, peeps. If you’re not satisfied, you have a 45-day money back guarantee. Not bad, but I doubt you’d want your money back after experiencing the World Wide Web’s hosting version of the “ark reactor” (sorry, Iron Man reference).

2. Awesome customer support – While it’s really easy to set up your account with HostGator (all you need is your domain name, some virtual cash and an email address – it usually walks you through the process), if you’re not the savviest of Internet businessmen, there’s always someone out there to help. HostGator doesn’t hold back in getting its customers in the right track in terms of technical and billing support. They offer the following options:


Forums (They offer how-to guides and tons of tutorials too, EPIC WIN!)

All of these work 24/7 – from there you can tell that HostGator takes their business seriously. So if you’re not too tech savvy and you feel you’ll need a hand, don’t worry – HostGator’s got your back.

3. Scalable – If you’re thinking that something that’s relatively low-cost won’t really bring any good value for your website, well, think again. You see, HostGator caters to every aspect of the Internet, from start-up Internet businesses to large-scale Internet empires.

What this means is that you can start small with $4 per month and upgrade to higher and stronger plans as your Internet business continues to grow. All these, without the hassles of transferring to different providers, mean that you should get HostGator NOW.

4. Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space – A common problem for website or product launches is the sudden downtime that comes along with a surge of great traffic. When this happens, the good news is that the buzz you created for the website or product worked and you’re getting that much traffic – the bad news is that you don’t get to convert that much traffic.

With HostGator, you won’t have to worry about sudden downtimes. It guarantees that your site would still be accessible despite tsunami-sized surges of traffic. That essentially means that you don’t have to worry losing tons of potential customers. It also leaves a good taste in visitors’ mouths that says “these people mean business”.

5. Earth Friendly – Believe it or not, HostGator’s servers and cooling systems service 4,000,000 websites with nothing but the wind. That’s right, peeps – all their web-related gadgets are wind-powered. It’s hard to believe, but it’s a fact.
What does this mean for our environment?

Well, within a year we achieve the following:

• Remove 444 cars from the road
• Power 321 homes with clean energy
• Save ‘round 5654 barrels of oil
• Protect 551 acres of forest

That’s a relatively huge difference that a webhost service is making for Mother Earth right there. And if you want to make a difference too, then take up your green flag and go for HostGator.

That’s about it for my review of HostGator, peeps. If you’re not that convinced yet, here’s a little link you can click on to find out more about it. See for yourself.


GoDaddy (for domain name) and HostGator (for web hosting) are good match up / combination. I think this is the hosting that I must get in the near future as it is already famous and well-known aside from how long this company operates.Thanks for a great review about HostGator. I will definitely use their service for hosting my blog which currently resides in blogger. :)

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